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Do you provide flights?
We cannot arrange flights for you, however we provide you with several flight companies flying from accross UK, Ireland and other European cities. Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on booking@voxtravel.com.

Do you provide airport shuttles?
Yes, we do. If you book a package with us (either prepared or tailor-made) and book any hotel with us, we will provide you with a return airport shuttle for free. If you only book activities and you still want our guides to welcome you at the airport and provide transportation, we will be happy to arrange it for you.
If I cannot fly with my friends on the same flight, will you provide me with an airport shuttle?
We usually provide just one way there and one way back. However, for a small fee we can arrange it for you or advice you what is the best way to arrive to your hotel.
Who will meet us at the airport?
Our guides or drivers will wait for you at the airport in the arrival hall. You will recognise them easily as in the arrival hall they will hold a paper with the group leader’s name on it. 



Do you provide return transportation from all activities?
Yes, we provide return transportation from those activities which are outside of the city center.
What time will we get picked up for the activities and what is the expected time that we will get back to the hotel?
Before your arrival we will send you your itinerary with times and places where we will pick you up, expected time to spend at the activity, process of the activity, and how many guides will accompany you to the venue. For all day activities we will pick you up in front of your hotel. For night activities it depends upon you what places you know, but generally we ask the groups to meet their guides in the city center on Námìstí Svobody (Freedom Square), next to McDonald´s. 
Do we get any schedule with our itinerary?
Yes, we will send it to you before your arrival.
Will we be accompanied by a guide all weekend?
You will be accompanied by our guides at all activities. If you book the package or airport shuttles, our guides will welcome you at the airport, drive you to your hotel and help you to check in there. They will also provide you with their phone numbers to call them if you need assistance. 
Who are your guides?
All of our guides are young local girls, who know Brno and its surroundings very well. They all speak excellent English, and they like to have fun but on the other hand take their job very responsibly.
Do I have to book a package or can I just book the activities or accommodation only?
Yes, it is up to you. Our policy is to give you the best service for the best value of money.  Therefore, we would recommend you to book the whole package but you are very welcome to book only activities or only accomodation if you wish.
Can I first book the hotels and later on the activities?
Yes. We understand that sometimes it is not possible to book all at once, therefore, feel free to amend your booking at later time.
Can I add people to our booking?
Yes, you are welcome to do that, please contact us via email or telephone.
What happens if some people cancel their trip at the last minute?
We do not charge any cancellation policy, if they have dropped off before they paid the deposit. However, according our Terms & Conditions we have the right to keep the deposit in the amount of 25% of total cost per a person. The rest will be returned to you.
Can you tell me whether insurance is included to the package?
Unfortunately it is not. Since we are a Slovak company we cannot insure foreigners who arrive here. However, it is your obligation to be insured against all risks and/or have your E111 form which covers your basic health insurance in all EU countries. Please contact your local insurance office to get more information.
Do I need a VISA?
If you are an EU citizen, you do not need any visa, as Czech Republic is part of the EU since May 2004. If you are a citizen of countries outside of the EU, please contact your local Czech Embassy or us, and we will be happy to help you. However, all people traveling to Czech Republic need to have valid passport for minimum 6 months before it expires.



What is the budget I can expect to spend there?
Brno is cheaper then any other European city. Beer cost here approx. 80p, cocktail about £2.5, full meal menu about £4, a fancy meal about £8 and a taxi in the center is roughly £4-6. 
How do I know what clubs and bars are worth visiting?
Our guides will give you their recommendations and tips according to your requirements on location and people. We all are experts on nigards or ATM cards and withdraw it from any cash machine in the city. Our guides will be happy to help you and give you advice.

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Go Karting & Clubs Package

Brno is a very popular motoristic destination, because here is racing of Moto GP. The local people love an adrenaline, concretely Karting racing. If you want to enjoy the best racing competition, come to Brno at your stag weekend.

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This is my first trip to Brno. Brno is a nice town with plenty to see and do. Prices are very cheap and there are a lot of places with the perfect crew. Highly recommended.

Stuart Robinson - 21/06/2013
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