Stuart Robinson - 21/06/2013

This is my first trip to Brno. Brno is a nice town with plenty to see and do. Prices are very cheap and there are a lot of places with the perfect crew. Highly recommended.

Alan Medgauf - 16/06/2013

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in nice city Brno. We have seen & enjoyed lot of bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs. We wouldnt find these wonderful places without your expert guide. She was a pretty girl and very clever guide! Thank you!

Chris Murphy - 08/06/2013

We really enjoyed or stag in Brno. The activities were very enjoyable. Definitely I will return again. I would recommend this place to all my friends. I give you 10 pts from 10 pts!

Shadid Valliani - 20/04/2013

Brno is very nice place with many great pubs, bars and modern clubs. There are lot of friendly people, especially young students. Very vibrant city. All services had very good value for money. Our top point was handgun target shooting. It is absolute memorable experience. Of course, Yana was amazing person, she is a good credit to the company. She is the best. We love her! :)

John Chapman - 24/03/2013

We have enjoyed our stag party in Brno. The whole trip has been well-organised and additionally our two tour guides Jana has been excellent, extremely helpful and responsible, as well as Denisa. All pubs and restaurants were excellent providing good level of service. You are really good company. Recommended!

Nigel Fearon - 02/03/2013

I'll be brief, very good organisation with good variety of pubs/clubs/bars. Our Brno guide Yana is very helpful and on-time for all venues on our package. We were very safe with her. I would recommend Brno as significantly cheaper destination than Prague, but with all the same things. Brno is truly ideal city for stag weekends.

Richard Plunkett - 22/03/2013

Shooting was absolute perfect and guns were awesome. There was good instructor, who gave us all needed instructions and information. Our stag weekend in Sofia could be characterized as non-stop fun. We were satisfied with the whole stag in Sofia. Thanks for brilliant organization! Maybe see you soon.

Barry Verbunk - 22/03/2013

Silvie was great guide. Sincere and helped us in Brno with everything. Stag Brno was organised very well. We would like to come back in the following season. Definitely recommend these services everyone.

Brooke Escudier - 02/03/2013

The best thing about Brno was our guide, Silvi. She was excellent and delivered on very level. We had a great time and when we come back we would like to Silvi as our guide again! We would recommend Brno and your company for everybody.

Dean Howe - 01/12/2012

Our stag weekend in Brno turned out beyond our expectations. One of the most important point was our guide Silvia. This lady was famous! She was very friendly and helpful; we had a great time with with her. It is a true that Brno is not big such as London, but Brnos bars are crowded of youg and cute people, especially ladies are really hot! We would like to recommend stag Brno to other friends. Silvia; we never forget you!

Andrew Thorpe - 24/11/2012

Everybody was well organised and the stag activities were accurate and enjoyable. Our guides were very unforgettable girl. She was very helpful and professional. She tooks us to the best bars and restaurants, located nearly centre of Brno. Our stag Brno weekend left a very favourable impression in our hearts. The city is veryyy nice!

Rishi Mohit - 29/09/2012

Its been a great experience. Our guides were friendly, plus showed us the best places to go. It was good to know we were in prestigious strip clubs. Thank you for making our stag weekend amazing! We want definitely recommend stag Brno to other people.

John Robson - 21/09/2012

Before booking this trip, I had never heard of Brno. However, it has been a wonderful place for our weekend away. We have been very well recived and looked after especially by our guide. The activities have been very well planned and enjoyable. The hotel is very clean and comfortable, and even their staffs have been extremely helpful. Finally, many of us cannot believe how much we are getting for our money - great value! Thank You!

Gavin Rice - 24/08/2012

Simple amazing! Our mega group are very satisfied with all you providing at the stag weekend. We really enjoyed all things, mainly indoor karting. Definitely you are the best!

Richard Adams - 28/07/2012

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Brno thus far. The guide has been very helpful. Although we can not remember most of the nights , we are glad we chose Brno. Thank you for your help & contribution.

Andy Kidd - 06/07/2012

We had a great time in Brno. I fell in love to local restaurants and pubs, generally, the city was very good. Our guide Iveta was willing to help with our trip and she making our stag week more pleasant and smooth runnig. Thank you very much.

Nash Palel 26/05/2012

The maps were wonderfull. Iveta was very welcoming and helped us thorougly. She was very accomadating and joined in. Czech Republic is a very nice country. Brno is a friednly and laid backy place. The people really know how to have a good time. Make sure you book restaurants, they can get busy.

Ross Bauman 20/05/2012

Brno is the best! As most of us hadnt even heard of Brno before this trip, we have been greatly suprised with the fantastic scenery, bars, restaurants etc. We will most likely be back again on a future stay!! The guides where very helpful and added to experiance. Thanks for your hospitability.

Peter Hale - 06/05/2012

Very good weekend. Well organized company- everything ran smoothy.

Mark Smith - 06/05/2012

Tereza was amazing and put up with a lot. We coud not got such a great time without her. Brno is a beautiful place and we would love to come back again. Thank you for an incredible service.

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This is my first trip to Brno. Brno is a nice town with plenty to see and do. Prices are very cheap and there are a lot of places with the perfect crew. Highly recommended.

Stuart Robinson - 21/06/2013
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